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Skeleton is an open source UI toolkit that provides a full design system, robust theme system, and customizable components for your favorite UI frameworks.

Skeleton goes well beyond your typical component library - enabling you to design, theme, and implement complex web interfaces at scale. Enabling both new or experience developers, while using familiar Tailwind concepts and modern component paradigms.

Why Skeleton?

At the core, Skeleton provides a number of small building blocks that standarizes the look and feel of your products and user experiences. This offers a uniform design language and a structured framework that supports you and your team. A well produced design system can greatly reduce the amount of time spent recreating elements and redefining patterns while building products and user interfaces at scale.

Figma UI Kit

Skeleton provides access to a fully featured Figma UI Kit to assist designers in drafting a visual concept of your upcoming projects.

Atomic Design

Skeleton fully embraces the Atomic Design Methodology from the ground up. Making heaving use of Tailwind, while extending its capabilities in really meaningful ways. This includes only themes but comprehensive systems for colors, typography, spacing, and more. Embracing

Theme System

Skeleton provides best in class support for themes and styling, including a full set of fully curated themes out of the box, as well as a powerful theme generator for creating custom themes that adapt to your brand’s unique aesthetic.

Framework Agnostic

Skeleton’s modular structure allows for some of the best features to remain framework agnostic, requiring only a single dependency - Tailwind. This gives you full access to the design system, themes, and more for nearly any web-based application.


Skeleton also provides powerful UI components that full adapt to your to the Skeleton design system, while bringing complex functionality and state management. We currently provide support for React and Svelte, with more frameworks coming in the future.

Open Source

Skeleton is committed to free and open-source software (FOSS) and is covered by the MIT License.

The Community

Skeleton has a thriving community of users and contributors on both GitHub and Discord.


We have maintained a set release cadence, providing new updates every two weeks. See our changelog.


Interested in contributing? See our Contribution Guidelines.

Get Started

Ready to get started? Check out our comprehensive installation guides or start learning the fundamentals.